Lesson 2 – How to copy a file from one directory to another directory

1.) Go to “newfolder_1” (file containing directory) . then see the list of files in newfolder_1 directory typing “ls”┬ácommand in terminal . 2.) Type the “cp” command (copy command) to copy the “test.txt” file from the “newfolder_1” to “newfolder_2” as below . then go to “newfolder_2” directory . now you are in “newfolder_2” directory . … Read more

Lesson 1 – How to work with terminal

This Page for the new Linux Users… Basically we know , In the Linux OS we use commands in terminal to do functions of the Operating systems . How to open the terminal Menu->Terminal 1.) Create a Folder(Directory) Type in Terminal 2) Check the created folder Type the “ls” command to show the files and … Read more